In an organization with a significant number of employees, managing leaves can be time-consuming and cumbersome. This can infringe on your time and ability to effectively perform other pressing duties. Now, imagine if you had software that could manage this entire process for you i.e., from the time an employee requests for leave to generating a report with a time-off analysis of every employee in your organization. Incredible, right? Stick around to learn how you can streamline your employee leave process with ElevateHR’s new software launch.

How ElevateHR’s new leave management software will revolutionize your leave management process

Below are the features that this new software will have;

1) Creation and customization of leave policies

Creating a leave policy for an organization can be challenging. For instance, you have to determine which circumstances would warrant a personal leave and whether it will be unpaid or not; when a new employee can go for a mandatory leave and for how long; what is required for an employee to apply for sick leave and how to tackle a maternity/paternity leave.


ElevateHR’s leave management software will help you compose and customize leave policies that are suitable for your company, industry, and country. This way, you will have leave policies that are fair and sound to both the employee and the organization.

2) Administration requesting leaves on behalf of employees

Through ElevateHR’s leave management software, the administration can request leave on behalf of their employees. This can be quite helpful in instances when an employee encounters an emergency or falls sick or they simply do not have the means to submit a leave request.

There are also companies whose leave policies require the administration to request time off for their employees.

In case any of these situations occur, ElevateHR’s leave management software will enable admins to request leaves for their employees in a manner that will make the entire process faster and easier for both you and the admin.

3) Employee self-service portal

Imagine that you have an HR hearing, 30 new employees to onboard, 20 potential hires to interview, and a pile of potential hires to screen. It is mid-morning, you are holding your coffee mug while processing your workload for the day and then just before you take a sip of that steaming coffee, an employee knocks on your door to request a leave.

First off, you have to assess their eligibility for the leave by revisiting the leave policy, finding out how many leave days they have available, determining whether they can afford to take time off as per their current responsibilities, etc. All this can be time-consuming and can affect your productivity on other tasks.

Now imagine if this particular employee could request their own leave and assess whether they are eligible for a leave in the first place.

ElevateHR’s software has a self-service portal feature that allows employees to know how many leave days they have left. This way, they can make informed decisions on whether they wish to take time off during that particular period.

With this software, you can enjoy your mid-morning coffee while focusing on demanding tasks.

4) Managers are instantly notified of leave requests

For any employee to go on leave, their immediate supervisors have to sign off on this request. This means that once you receive the leave request you have to forward it to the employee’s supervisor. The thing is, at times HR professionals have demanding tasks that might surpass managing an employee’s leave request.

With ElevateHR’s software, the moment an employee completes their leave request, the supervisor is instantly notified. This means that with this software the leave process becomes faster for all parties involved.

5) Managers are reminded to approve leave requests

In a typical leave process journey, an employee constantly shows up in the HR office to find out the progress of their leave request. With ElevateHR’s leave management software, however, managers will receive approval reminders prompting them to either deny or approve an employee’s leave request.

6) Auto-approval of public holidays

With ElevateHR’s leave management software, you do not have to worry about approving leaves during public holidays. The software automatically approves time-offs during holidays depending on the country you are in.

This means that you too can sit back and relax during the holidays!

7) Generate accurate leave reports

With ElevateHR’s software, you can access accurate leave reports that will help management make informed decisions regarding employees within the company. These reports help the management become aware of a given employee’s work attendance. Based on this information they can make decisions on matters such as promotions as well as awarding of bonuses.

Generating these reports manually can lead to inaccuracy and this task can be quite time-consuming. ElevateHR’s new software seeks to make your work effortless and timely.


An image displaying ElevateHR's leave management portal



To recap, ElevateHR’s leave management software can;

·       Create and customize leave policies

·       Enable the administration to request leaves on behalf of their employees

·       Allow employees to request their leaves through a self-service portal:

·       Instantly notify supervisors of leave requests that require their attention

·       Remind supervisors of leave management requests

·       Auto-approve public holidays based on the organization's country


ElevateHR is dedicated to making the work of HR professionals effortless, and our new leave management software is no exception. With this innovative tool, you can streamline your leave management process and save valuable time to focus on other critical tasks. Plus, our software provides essential insights to management, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding company operations.

Don't wait any longer to automate your leave management process – request a demo today and experience the benefits of ElevateHR for yourself. Our team will work closely with you to cater to your unique needs and help you achieve your HR goals.